•  Interaction between two tropical cyclones (TCs), so called “Fujiwhara’s effect”, is one of the most dominant
     cause for inducing typhoon forecasting error.

  •  Typhoon Bolaven (2012) and Tembin (2012) is the first typhoons which affect Korean Peninsula within
     43 hours. It is known that the rapid track change of Tembin is caused by Fujiwhara’s effect. But, the it is 
     still not clear that how and when this interaction affect their track and intensity.

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          <Track of Typhoon Bolaven and Tembin >                               < Typhoon Saomai and Tropical storm Bopha > 

    We investigate the interactions between Typhoon Saomai (2006) and Tropical storm Bopha (2006) 
     which is related to the Central Mountain Range (CMR) in Taiwan. We found that the interaction regime 
     between Saomai and Bopha is changed according to the CMR height by altering the tracks and intensities
     of two TCs.

  •  Two TCs can merge or move away depending on the storm structures, intensities, and the separation 



< Centroid-relative tracks with respect to the CMR height >

    Advances in our understanding of binary tropical cyclones will eventually increase the predictability of 

     typhoon forecasting.