Aviation Turbulence  

  •  Aviation turbulence in the free atmosphere is a serious concern in the general aviation industry because it 
     frequently causes occupant injuries, flight delays, fuel losses, and damage.

  •  Since air transportation industry over the world is invigorated more and more, the investigation and the 
     forecast of the aviation turbulence become more important.
  •  To achieve economically efficient and operationally useful forecasting turbulence, the Graphical Turbulence 
     Guidance (GTG) system that is the turbulence forecasting system developed by Sharman et al. have been
     continually evaluated and implemented in updated versions.


  •  In our group, recently, Kim and Chun developed the Korean Aviation Turbulence Guidance (KTG) system 
     through the methodology of the GTG system using pilot reports (PIREPs) and operational Regional Data 
     Assimilation and Prediction System (RDAPS) in the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA). 
     And the KTG system is working operationally in KMA.